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10 Facts about Skegness

There's a lot to know about the beautiful seaside town of Skegness. Have a look and see how many facts you already knew.

Known for its bracing winds, all weather activities and sandy beach, Skegness is a town loved by many. Whether or not you’ve lived in the town for your entire life so far, or if you’re researching where to go on your next family holiday, we’re sure to uncover some facts you didn’t know about this beautiful seaside resort.

  1. Skegness is a seaside town in Lincolnshire
  2. More specifically, Skegness is situated in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, on the Lincolnshire coast of the North Sea.

  3. Skegness Pier won a Certificate of Excellence
  4. In 2015, TripAdvisor awarded the pier with a Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews.

  5. Skegness may be named after a man’s beard
  6. It is thought that the name ‘Skegness’ means either “Skeggi’s headland” or “beard-shaped headland”. This is because the Old East Norse word “skeg” meaning beard, or “skeggi” meaning bearded one, is thought to have come from the Viking who established the original settlement.

  7. Skegness is home to Skegness Town A.F.C
  8. Founded in 1947, the football club’s home ground is the Vertigo Stadium in Skegness. They compete in the Northern Counties East League, Division One.

  9. The railway stationed opened in 1875
  10. Great Northern Railway commissioned a poster in 1908 to advertise excursions to the seaside resort. Their first excursion left London’s King Cross on Good Friday, 1908, at 11.05am.

  11. The coldest recorded temperature is −10.1 °C
  12. The highest recorded temperature is 32.4°C in August 1990 and -10.1°C in February 2012.

  13. Skegness Pier opened in 1881
  14. Opened by the Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Goths on Whit Monday, June 1881, the Skegness Pier opening cost £20,840 (which would have been £2.17 million in 2016). At the time of opening, the pier was the fourth longest in England.

  15. Today’s pier is nothing in comparison to what it previously was
  16. In 1978, a severe storm caused irreversible damage to Skegness’ beloved pier. Once reaching 561m, the pier now only stretches to 118m.

  17. Skegness Airfield was once a popular transport link
  18. Years ago, not far from the Butlin’s resort was a small airfield that operated pleasure flights so holidaymakers could experience short trips. Since, the airfield has relocated and now operates on PPR (Prior Permission Required) landing, making it popular with only hobbyists.

  19. It’s home to Butlin’s first ever holiday resort
  20. In 1936, Butlin’s chose to open their first holiday resort in the town of Skegness. It’s one of the most popular holiday resorts in the UK to this date.

That sums up our list of 10 facts about Skegness. Did you find anything of interest or perhaps something you didn’t previously know? If so, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.

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