Your guide to buying a caravan holiday home

Buying a caravan holiday home is huge commitment both personally and financially - and let’s not forget that a caravan is most likely going to be a possession you will keep for quite a few years.

So before making that final decision, there is quite a lot to consider. It can initially seem a daunting experience and especially if you are new to the idea of holiday home ownership. To help you make the right choice and to enable you to get the most out of caravan holiday home ownership, we have put this guide together which we hope you will find useful.

Our guide has been designed to assist you in making the right choices when considering the purchase of a holiday home. To make it easier, we have divided the guide into the following four categories:

We hope you find this Guide helpful. Please note that the Guide is a general guide only to help you consider your options when considering the purchase of a caravan holiday home. As there are many differentials to consider and every caravan, caravan purchase and caravan park will vary (and have their own set of rules), it is important that you take the time to confirm those applicable to you. Should you need further assistance or information then most caravan parks will normally have a small team of sales advisors available to assist; they are a valuable source of information and should be able to answer all of your questions.

Butlins have published this guide as a general fact sheet to assist with caravan ownership.

Butlins cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever, for any omissions, considerations or information, in this guide when using it to purchase a caravan holiday home.

If you have any questions...

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